Slimming world consultant..

Been a few days now since I last posted on here. I just wanted to update you on my weight lose and other things..

I went to the talk slimming world were doing to get people start being a  consultant. I thought the price was a little steep to get started, for what you can make after with no guarantees, however I always think positive I can see potential in making money after awhile and making my money back I have invested in the business and also make a living from it. After all better to make some money than non.  I spoke to the manager, however she agreed with me that I needed to be doing slimming world a little longer before I decided to do it… After all I have only been doing it 5 weeks myself…

My weighing was a little disappointing this week. I only lost half a pound.. I however was struggling to go loo and was exercising, so that could of been a reason. If you start exercising, your body starts to retain water to repair itself. After awhile that stops and it gets better..

I am doing a S P week this week. This is were you have half protein food on your plate and half speed food. Speed food are certain veg and fruit that are low in calories but fill you up.. So here are a few of my meals.


I am hoping to have lost at least 2 and half pounds and definitely get my stone award…

You can have your 250ml semi skimmed milk allowance and also the 15 syns allowance, however they after be in your meals.. I just use my syns or more milk allowance for my cups of coffee. It is so cold and I want warm drinks at present..

I never had a driving lesson this week. I have decided to cut them to just 1 hour.. I need to save up for if I do slimming world job, or if I decide to open a shop in the future. The I do want to publish my books soon. These things I will talk to you about in another blog..

For now I will leave it there and let you know my weighing in on Tuesday evening.. Have a lovely week end a speak soon. xx


4th weighing

On Tuesday I went for my 4th weighing I found I only lost 1 and half pounds thought I had lost more.. But oh well it was a loss. I have lost a further pound though since so happy with that. I have started dancing again, only in my living room but love dancing. It was one way of my keeping the weight off when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s. Stopped dancing since I got married… I had trouble with my hip and menopause too, so that is one reason. But can’t let that stop me any more.

My son got his stone award on Tuesday he has lost a total of 14 and half pounds in 3 weeks. Good going.. I am going for 3lb this week, so hopefully I will get my stone award this coming Tuesday… Will keep you updated..

It was a full blue moon on Tuesday and it seemed to affected my emotions and mood and I seem to have had a bit of an awakening to a few things…

On Sunday my son Sean and I are going to Bradford to see about what is needed to be a slimming world consultant.. Then I can think about it, and if all goes well go to another one and probably apply.. Think that might be around August time though, depending on monies.. If there is anything anyone would like to know about slimming world please comment below and I will do a blog about it.. Speak soon. xx

Weighing and driving lesson

I thought I would let you guys know how I did this week for my weighing. I lost a further 2lb this week. So a total of 9 and half pounds so far.. I am loving seeing the weight drop off.. I also had another driving lesson, with the lovely Katie, my driving instructor. I am finding the lesson enjoyable and staying positive about it all. She has not been taking me on the main roads so far, I have wanted to get the hang of clutch and break control first. I am going on a main road on Wednesday next week… I am goin to put the blog in my slimming categories.. However going to make separate post for both my driving and slimming in different categories in the future.. I will love you all and leave you, so to speak for now.. Going to meditate now, and try and astral project.. Speak soon xx

Picture of me at Xmas and the week after 7.5lb weight loss.

I said I would post some picture of me after my first weight lose. I lost 7.5 lb in weight in first week. Your first week is always the best, and I was happy with the weight I lost. I got my half a stone certificate. 26981479_267149093818574_1031190641_o

My start weight was 12stone. 5.5lb and I aim to lose at least 2lb to 1lb per week. If I start exercising it will be more. Here is another pic of me sat down.. Not best pictures I am squinting.27016761_267152010484949_904446339_o

I am wanting to get to 9 stone.. And my dream would be 8 stone.. The next picture are of me and my family this Xmas and Mudbud our dog.  I seem to have got a double chin specially when I look down or take selfies.. I want me slim, lean body back… And no way am I going to be so fat again :-)…


Update for my weight loss and #abitmore

Well went to slimming world yesterday morning for my weighing and I was shocked. I have lost 7 and a half pounds in my first week. I am so chuffed…

My Son Sean lost a wooping 10lb.. I just hope we can carry on losing the weight and carry on with the plan.. We both got a half a stone award.. 🙂 My son is hoping to get his stone award next time.. But I am only going for 2lb loss this week, but hopefully I will loss more.

I will be sharing a few picture in my next blog showing my weight..    And tell you what we  actually after do in slimming world. My son is editing them for me at present so the back ground looks ok..

It’s been very snowy here in Huddersfield.. And we are going to be hit with more so not sure if I can even get to have my driving lesson on Saturday.

I have been watching my box set of Charmed I got for Xmas. I’ve watched seasons 1,2,3 not going to start season 4.. Once I start something I am hooked and need to watch the next.. I am same with a book, I cant put it down once I get started lol.

I am going shopping with my mum tomorrow then got to do my homework for my driving instructor before my lesson on Saturday morning. When you do your driving lessons with LDC you can buy a book and DVD to help you a long the way. And I need to read and do a quiz, as well as watch the DVD

I hope to be posting again on Friday, with the picture and info on slimming world.. And l also next  week hope to post a video on YouTube and here.. Be nice to see more people following me, early day to blog.  It is 8.48 pm now so here signing out.. Night everyone xx